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Buy Local Tea. Support Local Teens.
Why buy your tea from a store? Get superior-grade organic tea in luxury, biodegradable pyramid bags delivered each month, and make a difference in the lives of young girls.

How your purchases make a difference:

1. Provides Recurring Income to a Local Teen

If you’re working with one of our ambitious female teens enrolled in our ‘ready to work’ partnership with Teen Services Sonoma, simply enter their name at checkout and you’ll provide them with recurring income ($1) every time you buy tea bags.

or; 2. Provides Recurring Donation to a Local Non-Profit
If you’re not yet working with one of our amazing teen girls, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be instead donated to Teen Services Sonoma, to support empowerment programs for girls. 


    Note: To save on packaging waste, all our tea bags ship without an outer box. Instead of a disposable box with every order we have instead designed a beautiful reusable tea box, available to select in your cart for $5 if you choose.

    15 Organic, Biodegradable Tea Bags
    Our luxury pyramid tea bags, and individual stay-fresh wraps are made from biodegradable materials.

    All tea is not created equal. Think of it like wine. Many teabags on the market contain just the dust or fannings of inferior-grade tea. 

    Part of our mission is to get us women drinking better tea. It's time to put down the fake flavored junk food ‘tea’ and start enjoying real, unadulterated tea. No flavorings, pesticides, sweeteners or any other nastiness.

    Organic Black
    Flavor Profile: Dense, full body with notes of fresh pine and warm spices. Caffeine: Moderate. Origin: China.

    Organic Rooibos (Naturally Caffeine Free)
    Flavor profile: Smooth body, earthy-fruity rich sweetness with wildflower and honey notes. Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine Free. Origin: South Africa.

    Organic Mixed 
    7 organic black tea bags / 8 organic rooibos tea bags.