Sisterhood Steeps™ by UppercaseTea.


15 Luxury Tea Bags • Free Delivery • $1 Donated.
On top of our company’s overall commitment to give 15% of our profits to support female empowerment, every purchase of our Sisterhood Steeps™ luxury tea bags gives back an extra $1 to the specific organization you select above. (Note: The $1 donation is recurring every month for subscriptions, which makes a huge difference to these non-profits).

Generously Filled. Superior-Grade. Organic.
We like our tea strong, and full of character. Just like the women who drink it.

UppercaseTea® Refillable Tea Box (Available at Checkout $5)
To save on packaging and shipping waste, all tea bags ship individually wrapped without an outer packaging box. The idea is simple: Instead of a box you throw in the trash each time, you buy our reusable tea box that you keep and refill with the bags we deliver each month.

Luxury meets Biodegradable
Our luxurious, pyramid-style tea bags are not just fancy, they are kinder to the earth too. Both our bags and individual stay-fresh wraps are made from biodegradable materials.

Organic Morning Black
For all you black tea drinking ladies out there, we crafted a classic tea for your morning routine. Dense and full bodied with notes of fresh pine and warm spices. Caffeine: Moderate.

Organic Earl Grey
Stunning, invigorating aromas & sophisticated flavor. This exquisite tea is not your average Earl Grey. Crafted with cold-pressed bergamot (not fake flavors), and featuring blue corn flowers, this is a beautiful daily pick me up. Caffeine: Moderate.

Organic Green Jasmin
Wow. The aroma of this uplifting fine tea instantly transports you to another place. Crafted without flavors or scents, savor this elevated version of this classic, healthful beverage. Caffeine: Moderate.

Organic Rooibos
Rooibos (say "roy-boss") is South Africa's super tea. This power packed caffeine free herbal tea is ultra smooth with delightful hints of honey & vanilla, perfect for sipping any time. Naturally Caffeine Free.

Organic Peppermint
Our organic peppermint tea is crafted for a fresh,  soothing burst of clean goodness. Ideal for after dinner, or night sipping. Naturally Caffeine Free.

Mix it up ladies. This popular option includes three of each of the above five tea bags.

Women, please, please, please drink better tea, especially organic! All tea is not created equal.
We’re out to get us girls drinking better tea. It's time to put down the fake flavored and sugary junk food ‘tea’ and start enjoying the real, unadulterated beverage. No flavorings, pesticides, sweeteners or any other nastiness. Think of it like wine. It's also important to note the many teabags on the market contain just the dust or fannings of inferior-grade tea. Ours are superior-grade, organic and Refreshingly Civilized. Enjoy.