Black Loose Leaf Tea Refill Packs


12 Refill Packs: Individual 4 gram bagless servings of our estate-qualityorganic loose leaf black tea pearls. Perfectly measured to for your daily self-care kit Me-Pot and your Me-Cup. 

Velvety rich and malty with a mellow sweetness of caramized pear.

  • Caffeine: Moderate - 1/3 of a cup of coffee
  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Organic
  • Single Estate
  • Non-GMO

Note: To save on packaging waste, all our tea bags ship without an outer box. Instead of a disposable box with every order we have instead designed a beautiful reusable tea box, available to select in your cart for $5 if you choose.

In line with our mission to empower women through tea, our delicate, organic estate-quality ceremony teas are carefully hand-packed (instead of being factory mass produced), by ambitious teen girls from Teen Services Sonoma 'Ready to Work' program who we hire and mentor.

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